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Big Baby Gandhi - Big Fucking Baby

22 Nov 2011 macron1

Big Baby Gandhi is a writer from New York or somewhere who has taken time from updating his tumblr and twitter feeds to release a mixtape of raps he recorded on his Moto RAZR back in the late 2000s. The mixtape is free and it was released in collaboration with Heems of Das Racist's Greedhead Music and Diplo's Mad Decent.

The Mad Decent blog describes it as Some weird rad lo-fi madliby mf doomy type beats over stream of conscience rapid fire talking bullshit. To put it another way, it is exactly what you would expect if you have been following Big Baby's various writings on the internet, and is an almost flawless introduction to the hip-hop / performance art rap music / robot time travel rap / broke coke joke rap genre.

The first track 'Gandhi Mandhi Mandhi' is an introduction to the world of Big Baby Gandhi and covers Patel Brothers' 2-for-1 mangos and 50c cucumbers, as well as his contempt for older generations that did not make the internet, and boasts about having both hands up two chicks bras while rhyming Erica with Erica and America. 'Been Around Ya Girl' (mp3 link) kind of samples 'Been Around the World' by another artist but has Big Baby boasting about being around your girl and finally locating where the labia is at, how it is Nice to meet chicks who like to eat dicks, sexual stuff like that. 'Go 2 Sleep' showcases Big Baby's off-key caterwauling and is fucking annoying and funny.

'Woof Woof' (mp3 link) is a masterpiece, easily one of the best songs from all artists everywhere you will hear this year. It opens with a crib on one of the best lyrics from label-mate Das Racist's 'Brand New Dance' — I brought some Oxycontin on my Palm Pixie, has heaps of off-key wailing in the middle, and then finishes with again one of the best lyrics of the year: I was one of those still-born babies; my parents couldn't afford me, but I was still born. I mean, that shit is clever. 'Other Jackets (Extra Swag Mix)' is ludicrous — Is Beauty abstract, or is it in the ass-crack is quickly followed by The other day saw cum-stains on her jacket. Whaat? You aint got no other jackets?. BONUS: Check out the normal/no swag mix of Other Jackets over at the Big Baby bandcamp page. Be sure to check out gandhiTRON while you are there too it is about the world's first rapping robot.

The whole mixtape is delivered casually in a way which almost makes you think he is making shit up as he goes but then you are all like nahhhhhhh. Coupled with all the other clever lyrics and the sexual lyrics and the puns, it is an absorbing listen. You can download the mixtape directly here.

Sardless Tracks

  • Gandhi Mandhi Mandhi
  • Woof Woof
  • Other Jackets (Extra Swag Mix)

Track Listing

  1. Gandhi Mandhi Mandhi
  2. Free Yourself From Illusions
  3. Been Around Ya Girl
  4. Lighters Up
  5. My Money Right
  6. Go 2 Sleep
  7. Supposed 2 Change
  8. Baby Interlude 1
  9. Summertime Thing
  10. Scum in Amerika
  11. Baby Interlude 2
  12. Numero Uno
  13. White World
  14. Woof Woof
  15. What U Think
  16. Other Jackets (Exxxtra Swag Mix)