Album cover Mode 7 - Jazz Spastiks and Junclassic
Mode 7Jazz Spastiks and Junclassic8/10

Jazz Spastiks and Junclassic - Mode 7

10 Oct 2011 row1

Mode 7 is the curiously titled collaboration between Scotland's jazz enthusiasts the Jazz Spastiks and American rapper Junclassic. I say curiously titled because Mode 7 is a graphics rendering mode for the Super Nintendo, the cover features Junclassic dressed up as Mario and the album's title is written in Japanese, and none of this seems to be referenced on any of the albums ten tracks. Anyway, that doesn't matter and only serves as a distraction for the geekily minded. What does actually matter is that we have a solid 26 minutes of jazz infused hip hop.

Junclassic's relaxed but commanding flow proves to be the perfect companion to the Jazz Spastiks' laid back sound, a sound which will definitely bring back memories of hip hop's golden era. Not content to be pigeonholed as a throwback album, the Spastiks' (it does not feel right calling them that...) hip hop meets jazz production does have a modern day edge to it while maintaining that relaxing smother jazz sound, this will of course be no surprise to those familiar with their work.

Mode 7 is as hinted at, a great album to sit back and chill out to (without dozing off), an album that would surely pique some interest to aberrant listeners on both side of the genre fence. The only real flaw is its short length (ironically just like this review), you are sitting back enjoying the album and perhaps your favourite drink, and then bang Motörhead pops up next in your playlist and you totally flip your wig.

Sardless Tracks

  • The Mission
  • Bust Ya Melon
  • Times.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. The Mission
  3. Bust Ya Melon
  4. Stunnin
  5. Transition
  6. The Essence
  7. Blunts
  8. Times
  9. Outro
  10. Hot Shit!