Dr. Dooom 2 - Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt Interview

Dr. Dooom is in the room! When Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt brought back Dr. Dooom I couldn't help but feel that another "Candy Pop" Octagon album wouldn't be so bad if keeps Keith and Kurt working together. In the meantime Keith and Kurt satisfies this authors interest with an interview.

row1: One of the first things I noticed about Dr. Dooom 2 is that it does not contain an intro or any skits. What was the reasoning behind not including any?

Keith: Skits are played out, that was a very 1990's and early 2000's thing people got carried away with. I made some of the best skits ever in music, so now I will set a new trend making albums without skits. My songs are so visual they don't need skits really.

Kurt: By the time we got around to talking about doing skits for the album we were both just more ready to wrap the album up, and I agree with Keith that the album is like a giant skit unto its self.

row1: Dr. Dooom 2 has that classic horror movie sound and you got to make a gory music video. Are you personally a big horror fan, or did this just seem a good fit for Dr. Dooom?

Keith: Basically it's the same format as the first Dr. Dooom, but I think this one is more consistent in the sound and imagery. Yeah I'm a big fan of horror flicks. I created the horror-core style years before the Gravediggaz stole my concept, I was doing that style.

row1: Kurt, rumour has it that your working on a new solo album. What sort of sound can we expect? I assume Kool Keith and Motion Man will feature, will there be any new faces or surprises?

Kurt: I'm mostly singing on my new solo album - or The Funky Redneck is singing that is...

row1: Is there currently anyone in the more commercial side of hip-hop (or other) that you would want to collaborate with?

Keith: Lil Wayne is sorta moving into what I did (space rap). I mean they are running out of topics, so even down south rappers have come into a similar style of mine. I want to records with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy...put them on some of my beats!

row1: Outside of music what are your other interests?

Keith: I'm a connoisseur of porn. But I really focus on and like black asses. Big black booties. The more raw and anal the better, and I like when they keep their clothes on and especially their shoes when they fuck. I hate to see a naked bitch in a movie, it turns me off.
I'm making my own masturbation DVD series soon, keep an eye out for it!
Also I'm a shopaholic. I always look like a million bucks, whether you see me on stage or on the street, I'm gonna be looking fly, like I'm ready to go to a club or have a meeting with Puffy.

Kurt: My hobbies include tending to my crops and training for the Redneck Olympics...my best event is pig wrestling, yeeehhhaaawwww!

row1: What are your plans for Halloween?

Keith: I'm gonna do like Bushwick Bill and rob little kids for their Halloween trick or treat bags!

Kurt: I'm gonna go to a party dressed up as myself!

Dr. Dooom 2 is out now in stores/emusic/iTunes. Thanks to Kool Keith and Kutamasta Kurt, and special thanks to Mike at Threshold Recordings.