Jethroe - Adult Situations Interview

Jethroe, one half of the production team on Motion Man's stellar Adult Situations, answers some questions.

row1: What's your musical background?
Jethroe: I'm all over the place, but my favorites are in Bad Brains, Hendrix, Herbie Hancock, Wes Montgomery, dub, electronic, hip-hop, I like it all. I started in rock, hardcore and thrash bands, went to school for classical composition, studied jazz guitar at Berklee, now mostly make beats with a few studio guitar and DJ gigs thrown in.
row1: How long have you been producing tracks for?
Jethroe: On the Yamaha MT120 cassette 4-track since 1990 or so, recording guitar and live instruments, started making beats on the MPC2000 and the Apple G4 in 2001 or so, and moved to Ableton Live about 6 years ago. I think Unagi's still running his four track via kerosene generator.
row1: How did the collaboration between Motion Man, Unagi and yourself come about?
Jethroe: I was doing a microphone shoot out when I was the music technology editor at XLR8R magazine, and we had Lyrics Born, Joyo Valarde, Rashan Ahmad from the Crown City Rockers and Motion testing out different mics and freestyling. I was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles shirt, and Motion is a Dallas Cowboys fan, so he started ripping on me in his freestyle. But afterwards he realized I knew what I was speaking about in regards to football, and we did a track together for my yet unreleased solo album. Unagi and I go back about 10 years, we worked at a couple of jobs together in San Francisco, and if my memory serves me right I used to beat his ass at pool and BBQing almost every night, he may have a different and incorrect view point about that though.
row1: Adult Situations is without a doubt a high quality release and quality takes time, but the three years since the singles release seems like an excessively long time. Any particular reason for the delay?
Jethroe: We're all in different places so getting together to record was always tough logistically, and we're all working on on other projects or working other jobs. Unagi is putting out his own records ( and also mans a 700lb meat smoker, so he's making beats and BBQing most of the time in the woods, I'm working at software company Ableton (helping design the Akai Professional APC40 and The Bridge with Serato project) in Berlin, Brooklyn and now Philadelphia in the last 2 years. Motion is busy in the Bay Area being all over the place being Motion and doing a bunch of projects with Kutmasta Kurt and the Rondo Brothers.
We have like a million other beats, so hopefully the next album comes sooner than this one...
row1: Were there any of the leftover beats that, given more time, you would of liked to have included?
Jethroe: Yeah a ton, we just had trouble making our schedules sync up. Unagi and I have another version of Porno Mustache we like, and we have a ton of other beats in various states of completion. We just gotta nail down Motion to record more. Hopefully we'll have some remixes up, and I'd like to also put up the stems to some of the tracks so people can do their own remixes.
row1: Will there be an Adult Situations tour?
Jethroe: We'll see -- would love to. Probably we'll do a few shows in key cities like Philadelphia and Fremont, we might hit some lesser cities like New York and SF if we have time.

Thanks to Jethroe for taking the time to answer the above questions. Adult Situations is out now, more information is available on the official website.