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TOMC3 and Prince Po - Saga of the Simian Samurai

TomC3 (Project Polaroid) and Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) release a lo-fi album which is sure to please fans of both, the saga continues...

If you have never heard any of TOMC3's production then first of all read the Project Polaroid Review. The beats continue on a similar style to Project Polaroid, utilizing a lot of guitar samples and the occasional violin. This time around though the album has a much more funkier sound, this is especially evident on the throwback track 'Now and Then'.

It is not the first time that Prince Po and TOMC3 have worked together and it shows. Prince Po easily adapts his flow to the low and high tempo tracks delivering nothing but slick rhymes.

The album is a solid listen from start to finish, with the haunting violins making 'Land of Perfect' the standout track. The comparison must be made against Project Polaroid. While they are both great albums, Project Polaroid gets the slight edge due to this sites bias towards Kool Keith.



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Sardless Tracks

"Saga of the Simian Samurai's", "Apocalyptic Medicine" and "Land of Perfect".

Track Listing

1. The Saga Begins (Intro) 2. Saga of the Simian Samurai's 3. Roota to the Toota 4. Lessons in Drama 5. Candy 6. Now and Then 7. Apocalyptic Medicine
feat. Motion Man & Kool Keith
8. Choose 9. Speak 10. Bad Brainz 11. Land of Perfect 12. I'm Hatin 13. Can't Stop Won't Stop
feat. A.G.
14. Rockland
feat. Del The Funky Homosapien