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Hi everyone!
Its almost past midway through September, time for one of these! There has of course been several metric tons of music being passed around eagerly by the twitteratti, and here we have a summary of all that was good and great from early September!
Highlights have included the 100 top French rap "songs" according to, videos for a couple of Das Racist tracks, 'Who's that, Broooooooooown' and 'Ek Shaneesh,' both of which are outstanding achievements in the field of excellence, and interesting orchestral jazz Flying Lotus track which you have to see to believe (download for free here). Then there was the sweetly named "Future Beats: Volume 3" by Doc Scott, a podcast from long-time Fresh Prince collaborator @djjazzyjeff215, some very very extra good mix goodness from German weirdos Ancient Astronauts, 10 minutes of animated .GIFs set to Girl Talk tunes and hilariously entitled "Cache Rules Everything Around Me" that i could watch for hours and hours and hours, + Diplo announcing some lucky lady will get finger-banged once he hits 75k followers. Lucky! All everything is below. ENJOY, AND DON'T FORGET TO RT!

@thinkorsmile's mixtape 005 Wed Sep 01 23:14:19 2010

RT: @thefader: The 16-year-old who made the pixelated new video for PO PO has us questioning our life accomplishments. Wed Sep 01 23:15:58 2010

RT: @bigupmagazine: BIG UP PODCAST 33 – DUFFSTEP Wed Sep 01 23:16:31 2010

RT: @stereogum: Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2010 (free mixtape inside) Wed Sep 01 23:27:47 2010

jesus christ RT: @thefader: So Dizzee Rascal is on Shakira's new song about being crazy. They rap to each other! Wed Sep 01 23:32:44 2010

wow RT @thinkorsmile Free music compiled via blogs I <3 @smokeDONTsmoke @LifeAquaticBlog @nomdstbear @rhythmsunholy... Wed Sep 01 23:33:44 2010

RT @DaMFunK Recorded Sept. 1, 2010 in the Funkmosphere Lab "All I Wanna Do Is Get Away" - DâM-FunK |” Thu Sep 02 10:03:47 2010

Highly recommended (by him) RT @largeheartedboy: Highly recommended! @stgramophone's end-of-August mix: Thu Sep 02 13:15:59 2010

Dudes doin my job for me RT @smokeDONTsmoke: Massive Mix Roundup :: This Week... Thu Sep 02 21:55:02 2010

RT @M1XMASTERM1KE: New Video: "Kill Devil Hills" . Watch it here: Thu Sep 02 21:55:57 2010

Only 100!? RT @Rizoh: The 100 Greatest French Rap Songs (via @jmonkey) Thu Sep 02 21:56:29 2010

+link to "Who's That? Brooown!" video @DASRACIST: SIT DOWN MAN TRACK LIST at Thu Sep 02 22:05:57 2010

RT @AesopRockWins: The best of one of my fav emcee's @printmatic free DOWNLOAD: "Best of Blueprint" Mix - Thu Sep 02 22:10:26 2010

RT @FLYINGLOTUS: "Drips / Take Notice" (Live with the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble) on @PITCHFORKMEDIA: Thu Sep 02 22:12:57 2010

RT @smokeDONTsmoke: Please everyone go download @Stadiumsshrines mixtape he dropped yesterday :: Random Rainbow Vol 3 Thu Sep 02 22:33:32 2010

RT @teramelos: Free download of Skin Surf is on the new @ExplodingInSound comp... Sat Sep 04 00:59:21 2010

Sweeeeeeeet RT @LOWENDTHEORY808 New! LOW END THEORY PODCAST XVII Mixes by Daddy Kev & Baths (@daddykev @bathsmusic): Sat Sep 04 01:01:09 2010

RT @smokeDONTsmoke: FREE EP :: RAINDEER :: go fourth and dance my children Sat Sep 04 01:22:32 2010

RT @AMDISCS: C V L T S mixtape on subbacultcha this atonement cannot fail!!!... Sat Sep 04 01:23:29 2010

Psychedelic noise pop FUTURESPORTS - Fun + OK << is free for download rite now! Sat Sep 04 02:03:17 2010

RT @alteredzones: Altered Zones launches its monthly mix series w/some of our favorite tracks from August 2010: Sat Sep 04 02:59:19 2010

RT @maryannehobbs: RT @docscott31: Something for the weekend - DOC SCOTT : FUTURE BEATS VOLUME 3 by docscott31 Sat Sep 04 10:50:57 2010

RT @palmsout: New post: Remix Sunday 150 Sun Sep 05 13:52:57 2010

RT @GOBBLEGBL: Infinitour Mixtape Volume 1 - Mon Sep 06 00:00:53 2010

Free choons RT @NOCONCLUSION: ♫ Mon Sep 06 00:02:20 2010

heh good RT: @djjazzyjeff215: Ok folks...I'm officially in the Podcast Game...My Fav's Vol 1...Enjoy Mon Sep 06 02:34:05 2010

i mean... Dubspot Podcast #7: Ancient Astronauts Exclusive Mix + Interview is really, really effin good Mon Sep 06 05:19:18 2010

Instrumental/experimental hip hop RT @juslikemusic New Post: FREE: Octopus Jones - 8 Mon Sep 06 22:44:38 2010

RT @ALPHAPUP Listen / Download: Teebs @XLR8Rmag podcast + look out for his forthcoming @BRAINFEEDER album, "ARDOUR": Mon Sep 06 22:50:33 2010

i forgot about that whole ODB "wu-tang is for the children rant". Good times RT @sardless The 1990s in Lists #nostalgia Tue Sep 07 06:38:03 2010

Fat beats RT @I_Skream: Memories ... :-) Tue Sep 07 12:37:40 2010



RT @maddecent New mixtape from a secret weapon of ours, Gianni Marino! Choke full of new bootlegs/remixes/madness! Wed Sep 08 00:42:59 2010

RT @ericlaumusic Master Blazter Blazt Off Mixed by @Kutmah ft @damfunk, @computerjay @thedeer is DOPE! listen Wed Sep 08 02:37:55 2010

f__k yes RT: @900bats: Free Download -Beat tape from Bay Area Producer Edison!!! Wed Sep 08 07:00:20 2010

sweet sweet BTS RT @BTSradio @AlphaPup latest signee @YounxMontxnx drops this week's guest mix for Andrew Meza's Wed Sep 08 08:39:56 2010

RT: @MarnieStern: new song! Wed Sep 08 22:54:53 2010

RT: @hoodinternet: available now y'all. RT @superfamicom JUST bought the @hoodinternet @kidstatic 7" -- Wed Sep 08 23:00:27 2010

RT: @peteriveson: @Pictureplane 's epic reworking of Shampain by Marina & the Diamonds Wed Sep 08 23:10:44 2010

RT: @maniacmeat: me me me Wed Sep 08 23:13:14 2010

RT: @rctrcollective: For those not on the @teramelos train yet... |Awesome*10000 @sargenthouse Wed Sep 08 23:22:18 2010

REEEEEEEEEEWIND MC Hammer - Pumps in a Bump (warning: explicit content) Wed Sep 08 23:36:03 2010

fine. Thu Sep 09 02:14:56 2010

RT: @jontidanimals: a mix of alltime fav's to welcome the new year Thu Sep 09 04:34:44 2010

You'd just waste it anyway RT @pitchforkmedia Animated GIF Girl Talk video. 10 minutes of your life u won't get back Thu Sep 09 22:52:40 2010

RT @teebsio: made a mix for Brainfeeder Thu Sep 09 23:26:44 2010

RT @thedailyswarm: Listen: Mary Anne Hobbs Final BBC Show w/ Burial & Kode Thu Sep 09 23:30:16 2010

Hrmmmmmm RT @thedailyswarm: Anticon, Def Jux and the Problem of 'Underground' Hip-Hop... Thu Sep 09 23:32:45 2010

RT @Youllsoonknow: Download: Teebs - Why Like This? @teebsio @brainfeeder. Sat Sep 11 02:37:29 2010

Oh shit RT @prefixmag Bandcamp Nixes Free Downloads, Adds Incentives To Sell Sat Sep 11 02:42:09 2010

RT: @mattpicasso: DJ Shadow gives away two songs for free 24-hr dl Tue Sep 14 02:01:02 2010

Das Racist - Sit Down, Man. Download it, Guy. Wed Sep 15 04:54:06 2010

RT: @dublab: TEEBS AND FRIENDS - MIX - PART 3 (05.17.10) - Wed Sep 15 23:44:17 2010

SHIT YES: Free Japanese beatmusic comp (no longer available at this link for free, but is here) Wed Sep 15 23:53:15 2010

RT @btsradio Andrew Meza and Co Fee (@co_fee) present this week's BTS session. Titans stand up @myhollowdrum @labelwho Wed Sep 15 23:56:22 2010

RT: @pitchforkmedia: Mogwai made a mixtape for @alteredzones w/Goblin, John Maus, Atlas Sound, Women + more! Grab it: Thu Sep 16 00:23:25 2010

RT: @theDutton: Free EP from math rock geniuses Alright The Captain: Thu Sep 16 00:36:17 2010

Produced by BB & Kool Keith @boburnham - Words, Words, Words Thu Sep 16 15:01:18 2010

That is all, see you next month!!!!!!