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Dear Readership,

It has been a couple of weeks since the last link round-up from our never-sleeping twitter account. During this time, awesome stuff such as verbal intercourse with my dude James Pants, having one of the Das Racists commenting on one of our posts, and REACHING 100 FOLLOWERS*. Time for an update on stuff you probably missed that was good, and in all cases free and legal (except the pirating vinyl thing, but that is just stupid and no one will do this), on the bird...
*only to fall to 96 odd a couple of days later

Sun Jul 18 22:51:07 2010

(shitload of free musics in this one) The Music Slut pitchfork preview + playlist and tunes and whatnot (via @themusicslut)

Sun Jul 18 23:35:15 2010

dont think i posted the GvB June mix in june so HERE IT IS, IN JULY

Mon Jul 19 22:40:45 2010

RT @thinkorsmile Thoroughly enjoying these 41 musical collabs... Not For Sale: Red Bull Music Academy London 2010 (d/l)

Mon Jul 19 22:47:13 2010

Awesome writeup of an awesome show RT @themusicslut POP TARTS FOR TMS: 2010 PITCHFORK FESTIVAL (DAY 3 – LIGHTNING BOLT)

Mon Jul 19 23:25:42 2010

RT @tmtzine Baby, I spent your money: ODB's preeminent baby mama sold rights to his last album for $10K...

Tue Jul 20 12:55:45 2010

NC GUEST MIX#19: DIGITAL LEATHER - Contains metal RT @NOCONCLUSION soundtrack to your summer

Tue Jul 20 23:00:17 2010


Tue Jul 20 23:30:59 2010

RT: @struktur: Dope mix for a summers day @bugmusic - BBE Mixtape Competition 2010

Tue Jul 20 23:32:38 2010

RT: @ghostly: NEW RELEASE: FREE EP from Shigeto - 'What We Held Onto' / @ShigetoMusic / @Moodgadget

Tue Jul 20 23:32:52 2010

jesus... RT: @thedailyswarm: The Hooker Rappers of Dallas...

Wed Jul 21 12:30:08 2010

Free Download of Exile Radio remixes for you. Feat. @TEEBS, @darealdibiase & a bunch of other dudes

Wed Jul 21 22:31:26 2010

RT @flavorpill Dear god, it's the 10 most sacrilegious music videos of all time

Wed Jul 21 22:40:34 2010

RT @thefader Our intern—and yours!—sifts through the Wiley slush for grime gold.

Wed Jul 21 23:05:04 2010

RT: @XLR8Rmag: Nadastrom Delivers Mixpak FM's Second Podcast: @Nadastrom @Mixpak @DaveNada

Thu Jul 22 00:31:31 2010

sardless mini review: James Pants - New Tropical. Good. Features funky robot tropicana. 8/10.

Thu Jul 22 02:56:54 2010

download it now (it sez) RT @willbryantplz We gots ya summer jams right here @go2publicschool

Thu Jul 22 03:00:31 2010

Chasing the Dragon (is what it's called) RT: @diplo: get this mix I did people - - @pompandclout

Thu Jul 22 22:06:56 2010

Free beats! RT @bigupmagazine FREEIZM VOLUME 3

Fri Jul 23 00:20:07 2010

there is a butt load of shit in there RT: @thedailyswarm: Download Yearly Hip-Hop Mixes From '79 now

Fri Jul 23 07:51:59 2010

very much enjoying this ++ RT @thefader Download Marnie Stern's awesome new single:

Fri Jul 23 07:55:05 2010


Fri Jul 23 10:46:53 2010

"10 Isrealis in my den" is kind of a funny lyric RT @diplo @DazedMagazine

Sat Jul 24 07:05:36 2010

RT @Raekwon RT @caponeqb: Download Capone-N-Noreaga- “Camouflage Summer” [Mixtape]

Sun Jul 25 22:50:52 2010


Mon Jul 26 08:13:15 2010

RT @the_mint_chicks Here's the video for the King Kapisi track we contributed to:

Mon Jul 26 08:32:37 2010

RT @sickoftheradio Mixtape from Mike Sniper, the man behind Blank Dogs:

Mon Jul 26 22:49:53 2010

Tropical beats RT @XLR8Rmag We're not sure where it comes from, but we like it. Download: Wise Blood's "STRT SRNS"

Mon Jul 26 23:11:31 2010

RT @XLR8Rmag Robert Hood Delivers the Latest FACT Mix: @FACTMagazine

Tue Jul 27 00:03:39 2010

episode 2010-07-04 of the bogaloo radioshow is 5 THUMBS UP (or get it delivered free regularly

Tue Jul 27 00:27:31 2010

RT @theneedledrop ///PODCAST/// New episode of TND w/music from Baths / The Books:

Wed Jul 28 01:07:15 2010

forgot to download this Adult Swim Singles Program collection ages ago. DID YOU?

Wed Jul 28 07:01:14 2010

free postrigodon afroquéboniquesque hip hop album

Wed Jul 28 22:52:48 2010

RT @thefader Yo Gotti's Cocaine Muzik 4.5 mixtape. But point-five doesn't mean half-stepping.

Wed Jul 28 23:11:31 2010

RT: @XLR8Rmag: Download a Free EP from El-P and Camu Tao as Central Services: @therealelp @definitivejux

Wed Jul 28 23:26:45 2010

RT: @stereogum: Tobacco's track with Beck, "Grape Aerosmith" gets a maniacally meaty video

Thu Jul 29 02:38:39 2010

stoked to learn someone recorded the nisennenmondai show i was at a month or so ago in sydney :D

RT @Do_Over DOWNLOAD: Sets from Week Seven (June 27th, 2010) are UP! @classixx @gaslampkiller @djmorsecode @cosmobaker Thu Jul 29 22:50:17 2010

Thu Jul 29 22:50:35 2010

RT @flavorpill New mix tape! Arcade Fire, @bestycoastyy & more

Thu Jul 29 22:55:02 2010

RT @thinkorsmile August FREE MUSIC COLLECTION w. @THEREALTAKE @KUTMAH @shigetomusic @iamfauxpas @_Space_Ghost @iamprof

Thu Jul 29 22:59:08 2010

RT @telephoned RT @thefader: PREMIERE: Telephoned's new mixtape twists pop songs you know into Pollock-ish club jams

Fri Jul 30 02:47:07 2010

(no one will ever do this) ludicrous

Fri Jul 30 08:42:46 2010

RT @eMusic Today's #Free Daily #Download: "Thank God It's Monday (feat. Kool Keith)" by Common Grackle

Fri Jul 30 08:44:13 2010

(shit loads of shit in this one) RT @iamfauxpas: great list of recently released free EPs, carefully curated by @thinkorsmile - @damfunk @comtruise

Fri Jul 30 13:58:36 2010

RT @largeheartedboy [new LHB post] Daily Downloads (Lollapalooza Sampler Album, Mynabirds, and more)

Sat Jul 31 00:13:41 2010

U be the judge RT @thefader Yelawolf and Gucci Mane team up. Predictably, it is awesome:

Sat Jul 31 00:15:01 2010

RT @RealTalibKweli RT @eightyocho Kweli on @SoundCloud Download his mixtape there

Sat Jul 31 13:39:54 2010

RT @NOCONCLUSION summer mixtape: Marine Girls, White Ring, These Are Powers, Memoryhouse, Orange Juice, Indian Jewelry

Sat Jul 31 13:42:18 2010

Recommended by that wavves dude RT @FreddieGibbs

Sun Aug 01 00:47:09 2010

♫ SOUNDS BADASS - from the Weareallgointoburninhellmegamixxx3 - El-P - Meanstreak (In 3 Parts) (via @RCRDLBL)

Sun Aug 01 00:54:27 2010

(this is good) Baths - Live @dublab "Sprout Session" (04.23.10): (check the podcast, get this s___ delivered free semi-regularly)

Sun Aug 01 11:33:04 2010

Holiday mixtape RT @musicandies No Conclusion mixtape

Mon Aug 02 22:45:15 2010

Phrew! RT @thefader Mike Simonetti's FACT mix—obscure gems!

Mon Aug 02 22:45:46 2010

For if u dont have this already RT @gorillavsbear new donuts: download J Dilla's "Donut Shop" for free

Mon Aug 02 22:48:49 2010

RT @rcrdlbl Download Zach Hill’s “Memo To The Man”

Tue Aug 03 00:41:01 2010

RT: @theneedledrop: New podcast w/music from Wild Nothing, Deerhunter, and Bare Wires:

Tue Aug 03 01:27:10 2010

(did it on time this time) HOT DAMN: G vs B july 2010 mix (62 mb)

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