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The hits, they just keep coming. Now we are over half way through the year, various musical outlets are taking the time to announce their best music of 2010 so far. But not us, because everything so far has been terrible! Just kidding (but there is still no list). Here is what has been going on over at the @sardless twitter these last couple of weeks.

June 16 More of this - Com Truise quickly follows up Komputer Cast Volume 1 with... Volume 2, this time featuring a sweet-ass Apple // mouse. How the shit did those work? Didn't Apple //s just run BASIC? That required a mouse? For what? Anybody? ALSO this was the first day in a looooooooong time (possibly ever) with only a single tweet. Feels good man - Com Truise - Komputer Cast Vol. 2

June 17 Tobacco dude makes some interesting stuff, has one of the best twitter avatars in the world (basketball head guy), one of the worst album covers in the world, and now has a series of mixtapes in the world entitled Songs to Get Killed in the Woods To. While not your traditional @sardless fare, Songs to Get Killed in is a worthy listen nonetheless - RT @DazedMagazine ' Tobacco gives us an exclusive mixtape titled 'Songs to Get Killed in the Woods To 2':

June 17 This mix from Pictureplane gets a mention almost exclusively on account of its name and because he is always saying "real is a feeling" on @pictureplane, which sounds funny but might not mean to be (think it's a bar or something) + I feel bad for him because his mates from @_HEALTH_ never reply to his tweets. As for the mix, well it segues between '80s dance, early '90s rave, and some other shit including the always hilarious Atari Teenage Riot, so I dunno, might be your cup of tea - Pictureplane's ludicrously titled "Fusion of the Masculine and Feminine Energy" mix up on xlr8r now. Is good.

June 18 Mostly funny becuase it has rap guy "the game" pre "the game" getting dumped on a dating show. Poor dude! That, and I could only get as far as 49 on this list of 50, which requires you to click through 50 pages, so there could possibly be funnier stuff in there just it would take a while to find - There is 50 of these fuckin things RT @thedailyswarm Hip-Hop's Worst Fails...

Jun 19 Interesting mix of Cannibal Ox's The Cold Vein with all of Animal Collective by some guy. The Cold Vein was apparently a landmark album in the history of independent hip hop, while Animal Collective are a popular group, so it seems sensible to mix them(?) and it is free so check it out - RT @ XLR8Rmag Cassettes Won't Listen Introduces Animal Collective to Cannibal Ox on New Mixtape:

June 19 Massive mix from generally awesome at music guys Javelin. If you've not had a listen to Jamz n Jemz before, do this. The track 'Snoop' in particular is a masterpiece. The link posted on the twitter went to a page with a hypnotic animated .gif which you were forced to watch while listening to the mix, however smart dudes could extract the audio, or you could just wait approximately 9 minutes for @sardless to locate a direct link. PROBLEM SOLVED! - dancing pixels and some music RT @ JavelinJamz:

June 19 (Beware - Competition Sports) While not strictly music related, but recorded media nonetheless, Ricky Gervias threw out a couple more free podcasts in the last couple of months. The World Cup one in particular is very good. Mostly it is interesting because they talk a bit about the infamous "Gervais with Crouch and Rooney" gag they filmed last World Cup, of which Merchant claims his mother said was the only funny thing Gervias ever did, and of which I myself am sure was way more funny when i watched it 4 years ago - couple of new Ricky Gervias Podcasts posted recently, including a Guide to the World Cup. Usually good for sum LOLZ etc

June 21 Team Teamwork, the guys who made the most excellent The Good-Ass Remixes Vol. 1 and various other Zelda related mixes is back with a summer compilation including mashed up E-40 & Bun B with Michael Bolton & Kenny G, some Sleigh Bells action + it has got a sweet name. Good times - Dude Whatever It’s Summer 2010 - Team Teamwork mixtape (Dude Whatever It’s Summer 2009 is available here also)

June 24 He keeps teasing us, yet another track from the fabled Computer Cooties mixtape. At this rate, we will have the mixtape in TEN THOUSAND years. But it will be worth the wait - RT @Busdriverr Hey @questlove I gave Dear God some attention and came up with this here, "Deer God" feat Openmike Eagle

Really, from the 23rd of June on it got mad in terms of the share amount of stuff made available on @sardless, so here is a just list with a link to the respective tweet where you will find the mixtape/whatever for you to pick and choose from...

  • Dead Prez 'Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz' (mixtape) tweet
  • Hatcha – Big Sound 5 (mixtape) tweet
  • Beat BBQ 2010 – Free Tape tweet
  • Weird Al Tiny Desk Concert on NPR tweet
  • Summer Yoga mix (featuring Flying Lotus and others) tweet
  • Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek podcast (change itunes stores to US to download, no sign in required) tweet
  • Om Unit – 'Social Chameleon (mix June 2010)' tweet
  • Maps & Atlases performance on Daytrotter (live performance) tweet
  • Bird Peterson's "Summer School Means No Vacation For Crappy Students" (mixtape) tweet
  • Becoming Real – The Thing (track) tweet 
  • The Fader Podcast 68 featuring Tame Impala, Wavves, Sleigh Bells etc etc etc++ (podcast) tweet
  • Hall (The One AM Radio Remix Feat. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir) – Baths (remix) tweet
  • XLR8R podcasts from Night Slugs and DJ Mosca (podcasts) tweet
  • Cosmic Sound – VHS Vision (album) tweet

See you in a _____ of weeks!